Monday, 31 May 2004


Well it seems we do care - spent several hours over the last couple days watching (so sad so sad).

Its all been about the Kitten and how she can manage to alienate herself with her attention-seeking-behaviour, revolution my arse - what in the hell did she volunteer to go in for - she knew the rules! Does she really think she can politically-activate the S-Club-7-Hollyoakettes?

Firm friends - Marco and Emma (bad teeth, squeeky), he loves her and calls her angel, already. Michelle (sort of bland dark hair) and Emma are bisexual (confessions late at night, hugs all round, thanx for sharing).

Vanessa and Shell - most notible for blondness so far, apart from Shell's small outburst of tears at not seeing her family and friends in the audience and her remarkable niceness - perhaps the only genuine kindness towards Kitten (offer of things from her suitcase since Kitten, with an over-whelming majority, was not allowed hers for the duration of her stay in the house - interesting task, many of the housemates seemed to fail to realise exactly what they were voting for - even Kitten might have liked to have a supply of her own knickers). Lessons Kit needs to learn: don't be shy of coming forward and cutting your nose off to spite your face etc - loss of suitcase, lacking a suitable sleeping arrangement (there may be some who would like to sleep in the same bed as Jason but she wasn't one of them).

Victor - self confessed alpha male (I mean really) so far thinks that Nadia fancies him and that he and Michelle have a connection, rather fond of a forefinger and thumb gesture that stands in for gun or phallus (which he can't stop talking about, too much time out of college, not enough action, I reckon). The other man making a bold play for dominant male being Jason - arriving in leopard print g-string, bow tie and pumped body (does this really impress anyone anymore? Or does it just shriek of some kind of insecurity like girls who like to get their tits out in the pub?).

So left with the quiet ones. Hardly a peep out of Stuart-the-Headband skateboardy-type (who can't be forgiven for having union jack swimming trunks) until of course he was throwing Michelle around covered in mud in a bikini (will she become the one all the girls love to hate because of the way she is drawn to all available men?). Ahmed, ex-asylum-seeker, older, non-drinker (methinks this could be the death of him - in a situation like this not being able to fit in with the drunken frolics could lead to his almost total alienation in a very short time), was enjoying a quiet dip in the jacussi in the nude. And then Nadia, from Portugal, already the subject of gossip between Marco and Kitten (you can't gossip with a girl like Kitten - its just not part of her make-up - far too sincere to endulge in the sharing of juice) as to whether she's a transexual or not. A most hilarious sequence of her strutting her stuff in a bathing suit all wet while most of the housemates attempted to cop a feel of her tits (are they real?). And finally my personal favourite so far - Daniel, hairdresser from Hull, sensible enough to be able to chalk up the food shopping board, not too over the top, fits in, enjoys a joke.

Phew and after all that I'm going to try not to watch for the rest of the week.

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