Thursday, 13 May 2004


Well its my official birthday (as opposed to the blog birthday) and I was going to make a link list to all the blogs whose authors were born on 13th May, because you can on Globe of Blogs. There were quite a few of them. But as it turns out none that I particularly wanted to link to. There were christians of the born again variety, some of the dear diary variety about family and friends, a great ESL blog for learners in Vancouver (better for work than for here), techie ones (one in particular that seemed to be missing the DOS era with his green writing on black background - god thats hard on the eyes - I'd forgotten), a totally hateful-sounding office worker with tales of revenge.

Did find an interesting short bit about chatrooms and men demanding cybersex at Way Too Many Unruly Oranges. And a link to a self-help hypothesis about how lucky those of us born in May believe we are from Digital Fugue.

So in conclusion what I thought was a great idea turned out to be not very fruitful.

I found one: Miss Elaine Neous - who I read regularly already. Amazing coincidence.

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