Sunday, 23 May 2004

Tales from the Dark City

In the toilet two girls are talking over the walls of the cubicles they are in. "So what kind of men do you like?". "I'm not sure really. Muscles. I like them to have some muscles".

Three ladies, fancy tops, jeans and stilettos leave the restaurant filing past the waiter who had looked after them all evening. Each of them kissed him on the cheek. He stood there stunned, slightly red and pleased as punch. Good tips! Although it won't buy him any beer later.

In the street outside Home a blond man in a full length leather coat discussing issues with another man in the middle of the road. I can't help thinking he looks like a WWF wrestler - all blond thin longish-hair and mustache (showy, no substance).

From the bus window on the way home as we pull away from the bus stop a man aggressively approaches a woman. They back into a corner. He's urging her to hurry up. She takes off a red trainer, he drops something into it and she puts it back on. Drug dealing pimp with a whore. Or perhaps a drug dealer with his girlfriend. Whatever, made me uneasy.

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