Friday, 9 April 2004

Of Cricked Penis' and Other Interesting Questions

I have on many occasions thought about the search terms that somehow reach my blog but have never blogged about them before.

Today some poor soul was looking for answers to the question What Causes a Cricked Penis? and found their way to In the Aquarium. Not much help I will have been I should think. I don't even know what that is / or means. Never come across it in my life.

Neither do I know the Parrot Shop in Seven Sisters Road, or where the post office squat is in London UK. I have never come across paint bowling either (I think perhaps this is a malapropism and they mean paint balling) but I think it would be interesting to figure out how exactly paint bowling would work - would it be skittles full of paint that explode when struck by a bowling ball or a bowling ball full of paint that explodes when it hits the skittles...

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