Sunday, 18 April 2004

Apres Lemonai

A man, we call him Leon, a lawyer writer and performer struck up a conversation with Bails when we were crowding round him trying to get to the bar. While squeezing out of people's way and into his space we apologized for crowding him, to which he replied, "I don't mind being crowded by beautiful women". She exchanged some words with him, we got our drinks, moved away and eventually sat down. The girls were talent watching, of which there wasn't much, although there appeared to be more hopefuls in Primrose Hill than there had been of late in Islington (Islington has really gone to the dogs recently). Bails spied an inappropriate-looking greasy haired, goatee-sporting man who she thought might be dirty enough. I just don't remember the last time I saw so many men wearing shirts and jumpers.

Two ladies came in, one of whom was heavily pregnant and bumped into a man who fell into HS's lap. They then propped up the bar drinking wine and smoking. It turned out that the heavily pregnant woman just had a large belly (AL's judgement on bumping into her in the toilet).

Later Leon came over to give Bails a card and a flyer about a forthcoming event, and in passing told her that he thought HS was cute and asked after her story to which Bails said he should ask her himself, so he went back to his drinking buddy. We advised HS that she should casually go up to the bar, take some time to get a glass of water (since she still had plenty of her drink left) so as to give him a window of opportunity to approach her. HS acted coy and nervous. We persisted. She dug her heels in. AL told her the evening was coming to a close and she should run to the toilet and then do as we had said. On her way back from the toilet HS made eye contact with Leon and he beckoned her over. She needed no further prodding and that was the last we saw of her until she came back saying we've been invited to a party. (Its always the quiet ones!)

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