Friday, 16 April 2004

Rise of the Filmic Advert

First there was Barclay's with their ads starring Samuel L Jackson, walking and talking, monologues, he said, she said type of story. Dark. Grey. No mention of banking or the brand (I think). Now there's Volvo with Robert Downey Junior. Equally obscure, but with lots more product placement. Film stars in commercials. At the height of their fame, or perhaps infamy, (as opposed to those oldies who are desperately trying to cash in on their fame of yesteryear).

There's also an Alienesque Wrigley's Extra ad (chewing gum saves lives). There was Gladiatorial Pepsi ad with the divas. I think these are less filmic in their own right more like remakes (never as good as the original). Quite some time ago there was also that ad where the couple were racing through the train and she fell out of a hole nearly hitting the tracks - that was around the time of Speed I think.

It makes a change from the soap opera style (remember the OXO family and was it the Nescafe couple who eventually got together?)

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