Sunday, 25 April 2004

Teapot Pouring Ability

This is not something I engage in very often but I did have a discussion with HS about teapots today. And specifically about pouring ability and how to recognise it.

Teapots can be either good or bad pourers. The pouring ability of teapots, of course, has little consequence to those of us who use teabags to make tea, but to my mother, her generation and her mother's generation much discussion was to be had about the pouring ability of their pots.

While admiring a single cup pot at a cafe we were in HS said that it was a good pourer because it had a hole in its lid. Personally I thought all teapots had a hole in their lids and that good pourability was more to do with the shape and finish on the spout. But on thinking about it I couldn't decide whether either reason was right.

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