Sunday, 18 April 2004

Teen Love

I'm so glad I don't have to engage in teenage kissing anymore. Public displays of affection, while sweet quickly become cloying when sat next to them for a whole bus journey.

Girl was pretty and cool with a great sarcasm. Truly idolized by the boy who kept leaning round for noisy wet smackers on the lips, cheeks, big wrap-round hugs inbetween lavishing praise on her about her wit and repartee, telling her how much he loved her and excitedly discussing plans for later. Big soppy puppies with droopy eyes and long wet tongues come to mind.

She'll be sick of it in a month or two - there's only so long you can stand being the cause of such adoration - and then she'll swap him for a bit of rough for a change - all wham bam and no slobbering.

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