Tuesday, 20 April 2004

Train Journey Home

Lambs (tiny) tres cute. It suddenly reminded me of being at my grandad's in Scotland when he used to keep sheep. There was always a horrid time of year to visit when the lambs had grown enough to be separated from their mothers and they would get penned awaiting market the following day. The most heart wrenching bleeting went on all night. It always made me feel my grandad was cruel. And he would call me a silly girl. A bit like when he made us eat rabbit pie after we had seen the dead rabbits lying outside the front door for ages (all the cousins didn't really enjoy dinner that evening, even the boys). I'm not really surprised I became vegetarian eventually.

Hares by a hedge in the bottom of a field.

20 swans in the grass by a wetland lake.

A marketing girl and her colleague talked shop for a while, discussing the approach to the market research for weetabix, questions about breakfast cereals etc etc. Then she got hayfever and started rubbing her eyes so much she looked red and streaming by the time she got to London. Very itchy.

Two Americans and a Brit, on the way back from a meeting, talk about:
  • Whether they are hungry.
  • Airplane delicacy that one of them ate that was a cross between pizza and lasagna (can't imagine it at all).
  • What anyone wanted from the buffet car.
  • Fact that one American hadn't worn a suit, just a white shirt and some blue jeans.
  • Football - how the season ended - with play offs or a league.
  • Rugby, because the Brit didn't follow football (honestly I knew more about it than he appeared to), and the Americans had been in Sydney when England beat Oz in the world cup.
  • Salt and vinegar crisps (as a flavour).
  • Which of their kids played which particular sports.
  • Daughters - ages of them, dating, the boyfriends...
  • The Merger.
Finally I just had to stop listening because it was getting on my nerves.

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