Wednesday, 28 April 2004

Once Upon a Time

There was a girl who was trying to clear out the attic of her parents home because they were going to sell it soon. The attic had been abused by years of shoving boxes full of stuff into it - stuff that was cluttering up the living spaces downstairs but was too valuable, sentimentally to throw out.

So, many years had passed where this had happened. And now the task was upon them that they had to clear this attic once and for all. So up in the dusty hot place surrounded by a million old cardboard boxes she was rifling through treasure long forgotten: old dolls houses; the original resting place of the first and most loved home-made Pooh Bear who had been laid to rest when his belly kept falling out of the worn through orange toweling along with the cot blanket that had provided comfort for some years; books - favourite picture books cared for lovingly (and sometimes the cause of great punishments - poor care of books had one time brought the wrath of father down upon a five year old's head so as to ban her from having them for two whole weeks - this may seem a short time but at the time it felt like a lifetime), books with fantastic stories illustrated by fantastic pictures; knick knacks of childhood collected through time. Its a fun task, though long winded, reminiscing and remembering.

Deep in one of the boxes she came across a terribly tarnished old brass lamp. Giving it a hard rub with her finger she revealled a shiny patch so bright she could see herself in it. Behind her reflection there appeared a genie who thankful for her releasing him from his hot and cramped confinement granted her three wishes. His only criteria being that they had to be things, for he was a genie bloated with greed and didn't appreciate the selfless wishes of world peace (shame - cos its not like we couldn't use some), ever lasting health (getting to that age where that looks like a good thing) and untold wealth (certainly needed in this fair town).

So thinking with her most greedy head on (so as to please the good genie naturally) she wished for a mini ipod (but only a pink or green one), a Motorola V600 convertable cover in midnight ruby, a copy of Zaha Hadid's the Complete Buildings and Projects. And puff the genie vanished out into the ether and the three wished-for things crashed through the ceiling and clattered around the girl.

And then the almighty task seemed to weigh on her shoulders and she had to get back to clearing the attic.

This genie was brought to you from King of Blogs and not because its my birthday in a few weeks (!).

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