Saturday, 3 July 2004

Trouble Shooting

Bails has recently been put onto the Duty Principle rota requiring her to deal iwth the kind of trouble only an FE college can throw up. All the Fs - Fire, Fucking, Fighting and Flashing.

An example of a recent incident involved two boys (actually young men) pulling their trousers down in front of some fashion students. Pants stayed up but it merited the police being called because one had a very visible erection.

When I worked there the mens toilet on the second floor was shut for a year because two people had been found having sex in there and the layout was such that it was ideal for peeping toms and toilet festishists to sneak into the ladies unseen and get their cheap thrills.

Last week a spanking crop was discovered in the mens and apparently it wasn't the first time such an item had been found.

Hotbed of hormones raging in a controlled environment.

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