Thursday, 29 July 2004

The Tiny Bag

When will we see the end of the mini-handbag. The sort often seen hooked under the armpit of girls who don't appear to be low-maintenance but who manage to cope with a bag that appears to only have room for a purse/wallet, a lipstick and a mobile phone (unless of course they are TARDIS like - bigger on the inside than they appear from the outside).

Two such lovelies on the bus today (immaculately made-up in the Jordan School of more is more with irridescent cheeks, thick foundation AND powder, blended eye shades in complementary tones, lipstick & line and industrially straightened hair laiden with product) had bags so small they could barely be seen and couldn't possibly fit any touching-up stuff in and had to carry their reading material (thick 1000 word novels with gold-embossed lettering) in their hands along with their cardigans.

Surely the impracticality of such bags has worn thin. But then again maybe thats the point (I'm trying to think of a point - like, I'm so gorgeous I don't need money, or I wear combat pants with pockets therefore I don't need a bag - haven't quite got it yet as you can see).

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