Thursday, 29 July 2004

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

Pops was taking me to the theatre again. I hadn't looked at the ticket until I was on my way out of the office and then when I did I had visions of Frankie Howard, Up Pompeii, Barbara Windsor with a yellow bikini flying off and my heart sank and my heels dragged. I just never really got the carry-on films.

Anyway it was bright jaunty music, lots and lots of innuendo (and the audience loved it) and a shaky cardboardy set and cheap tacky looking costumes - all, I believe, purposefully so.

The audience was much fuller than usual of elderly people and all-male groups. The man in front kept breaking wind in the silent but violent vein vain (vane - which vain is it?) (thanks Harry). Lots of thick plastic framed glasses of the sort popular in the 70s with thick bottle bottom lenses (like my grandad used to wear). In the interval a couple had brought sandwiches wrapped up in a tea towel that they ate while sitting on a bench on the balcony outside. And the sunset was marvelous.

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