Monday, 12 July 2004

3 Pals And the Beautiful Woman

The girlfriend was picking up her boyfriend and his mate. They had just arrived from somewhere and she was taking them home on the bus.

They got on and sat in an arrangement where she sat next to the friend and the boyfriend sat across the isle from her next to someone else. They chatted in spanish across the seats.

When the boyfriend's seat companion got off he patted the empty seat next to him to encourage his girlfriend to join him, which she did. The two men exchanged some kind of jokes, "whats wrong with sitting by me?", "She's my girl", to "I'm lonely and cold now". And at that exact moment a tall thin bronzed beautiful brunette slipped into the seat beside him. The girlfriend shot him a look behind her that say, "there you are!". Laughs all round.

His new companion looked great but from my vantage point I could see the grey roots of her dyed hair.

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