Friday, 9 July 2004

From the Depths of the Bed

So snippets of the week that was just because I haven't been doing anything:
  • ER's - old ones (we still have Benton, Sally Field as Abbey's mother having bi-polar episodes, Abbey and Lukar, Dr Green hasn't died - reincarnations are great).
  • Third Watch season 3 (ambulance crews, fire crews AND Police - a veritable fest of uniforms and hunky heros and heroines to choose from - they all live in dark brown New York apartments, marriage jealousy, babies dumped on unsuspecting fathers, partner problems - for the cops, Russian criminal gangs, shot police officers - its all very exciting, really).
  • Richard and Judy (the over-advertised interview with Bill Clinton is on Monday when I hope to be back at work) (she is morphing into an owl - you can tell by the rings around her eyes - they go all the way round not just under).
  • Big Brother - theres been fun and laughter, bitching and irritation. The Bunny Boiler has been remarkably quiet until yesterday - determined to get her own way she behaves like the older woman feels she should - being in control and demanding only to find that the apple of her eye sometimes behaves stubbonly re-exerting his own will - causing her to go into a sulk. The spanking episode following a mammoth session of truth or dare that turned into kiss or dare resulting in lots of nudity and licking jam off bossoms. The silence. The burning hat. (I gotta get back to work).
  • And the rain, I think I could draw the outline of the tree outside blindfolded, watching the wind and the rain and the lightning and thunder. Talking to people a mile away who have downpours when I don't and then getting it later. When I went into work earlier in the week to get some work to do from bed someone said "global warming is here". It could be. The news said there were tunnel? or funnel? clouds over England (beginnings of twisters), floods and the worst summer storms.

Normal service will be resuming shortly (I'm willing it better - theres so much to do - I want to see Fahrenheit 9/11, Girl with a Pearl Earring showing at the Prince Charles on Sun, Tues or Weds, Shrek 2, Sounds in Space at the V&A and the Edward Hopper at the Tate Modern). I'm so bored...

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