Monday, 12 July 2004

New Week

Having found some excellent adhesive sports strapping am returning to work before I'm overcome with an inability to function outside the confines of my house.

My dad once talked about having some kind of injury which kept him in hospital for a considerable length of time, finding as time went on that the thought of leaving those safe and nurturing surroundings became frightening to the point that it was slowing recovery and therefore elongating the stay. This is not that kind of injury but the longer I was off the nicer my bed and duvet and the view of the garden through the huge kitchen window were becoming, and not going out meant I wasn't spending any money which is very exciting for a horder like me (watching the unspent pounds mount up over the days) and the creeping boredom (unnoticable but gradually apparent) hadn't yet got the better of me, with a few sympathy texts each couple of days I felt thought of and had the ability to bask in the joy of ailment discussion (old age creeping up).

THEREFORE, we start the week with a return to work, the wearing of full dress including closed-toed shoes and tights with the aim to rediscover the working mind.

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