Saturday, 3 July 2004

Trapped in the Cubicle By Two Girls Gasing

I was in there when they came in and there just wasn't a moment when I felt like it would be ok to make an exit (wouldn't want to be accused of earwig-ing after all...I know I know, its what I do best).
"Oh I'm really pissed off - he's making me so grumpy"
"Don't feel grumpy"
"I can't help it, he's really pissing me off"
"Oh come on, I'm the fat one. Wouldn't you rather be the grumpy one than the fat one?"
"Don't be silly"
"Its true"
"FUCK off!!"
"Do I look ok?"
"Your hair is beautiful like that. Oh I can't believe he's making me grumpy. I think I'm gonna stay in here for a bit"
"So what can we do to stop you being grumpy?"
"We're probably missing out on a round by now"
"We better not be"
"Hey what have you got in there? Anything new? Did you get that new lipstick yet?"
"Nah, but try this"
"How do I look?"
"Great. We can go y'know, if you want to."
"Nah, its ok, I don't want to spoil your night"
"You wouldn't, honest."
"Nah really."
"Come on then, lets get back"


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