Saturday, 28 February 2004

Dinner in Hackney

On the Way There

So the bus conductress wouldn't allow me to sit on the only empty double seat on the 38 because she was kneeling on it. Dismissively she waved towards other free seats telling me there are plenty other places to sit when I asked her if I could sit down. So I dutifully went and sat next to someone else and then resented being asked for my bus fare cos I'd gotten into one of those stroppy child's moods.


Then when I got off the bus on Lower Clapton Road a car had pulled up to a junction and everyone had gotten out, turned the lights and car off and left it sitting at the junction in the middle of the road. Cars behind beeped to no avail.
The Rastas were having some kind of do at the Round Chapel Community Centre.
A man drove backwards up the road while accelerating quickly causing the backend to be slightly out of control.

On the Way Home

"So did you prefer the cereal we had this time to the one we had last time...?"

Four bright-eyed slick young men strolling up Stoke Newington High Road spied some girls they knew on the top deck. They were signalling: its late, why aren't you at home? The girls were shouting back excitedly: we're getting off at the next stop. The boys won in the cool stakes by miles.

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