Thursday, 19 February 2004

Money moneymoneymoneymoney

(Y'know that song from Cabaret? That's the one in my head today).

I have a cold. Its in the back of my eyes and my sinuses. I'm sitting in my corner of the office being a grouch with a capital G. I've already been accused of being in the grumpy corner. I've put the pink cyclemen back on the window sill just to see if their presence in my eyeline will make me feel better.

We are careening towards the end of the financial year. I think thats an appropriate description of how I feel. I feel like I am running down a very steep hill trying to ensure my legs keep up with my head. I dream of invoices. Rubber stamps with dates and dollar signs in the eyes like a cartoon. Then I've got the hoops out to jump through - I'm practicing tossing them up to the ceiling, doing a roll, catching them and passing them over my body and stepping out backwards with pointed toes.

Ughhhhhh I HATE this time of year. (I was never fond of maths, I'm not an accountant, never wanted to be an accountant, how did I end up with this to do, whinge, moan, doesn't really require creative flair, good job the calculator has huge keys on it.....)

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