Wednesday, 25 February 2004

Harriet's Pearls of Wisdom

I keep being reminded of these gross generalisations and flamboyant exaggerations by HS and Bails. And I would like to point out at this moment in time that just because I said them at the time doesn't mean that a. I believe them or b. they are true. However they always sort of make sense at the moment they leave my mouth even though they are largely picked to death once uttered.

The three of us were on the razz one night, the two of them complaining about their inability to meet men - oh where have all the decent men gone, where do the 35-40 year olds drink, etc etc.

I butt in, "Where you two are going wrong is polo necks." HS and Bails look at each other, look at me. (Its winter. They are both wearing polo necks. I on the other hand being the owner of an ample bosom can't get on with polo necks - too much shelf-ing of the chest and can't bear that itching round the neck that I get after a couple of hours - am wearing a sweater with a deep cut v-neck). "If you want to attract a man you need a neckline. Show some flesh."

At which point I realise they are staring at me open mouthed and then erupt into a heated discussion about this little piece of advice. I have to say my most convincing evidence is in the combined fact that I don't own any polo necks but do have the boyfiend, they, on the other hand, have a penchant for polo necks and are both single. Proof? I'm convinced.

While this interchange actually happened a little while ago, I was just speaking to HS about her trip to Paris and she happened to mention the fact that she had been on the Eurostar and spied two women in polo necks with two very nice looking men - which she thought long and hard about in the light of our discussion. I quickly had to point out that once you have bagged a boyfriend it is perfectly reasonable to wear polo necks in their company especially when the temperature is so close to freezing but you can bet your bottom dollar that they weren't wearing them when they met. I think my theory stands.

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