Friday, 6 February 2004

I h8 Ikea

Last time we were there HS bought 8 Flak boxes that go with lids but they had none. Apparently at the time I said I bet its a ploy to make you have to come back again to get them when they come in later. HS wasn't convinced by my sweeping generalisation on their marketing strategy.

This time she had to go on her own (fortunately I was at work). In search of the flak box lids she found that while last time there was a stack of boxes but no lids, this time there was a stack of lids but no boxes. Who would really want the lids without the boxes? And wouldn't most people (if not absolutely everyone) want boxes with the lids?

HS is now convinced I was right. And is really really annoyed by this marketing ploy. They won't even let you advance order the missing part and have it delivered. In fact we can't really understand why they don't open an online ordering system.

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