Tuesday, 17 February 2004

The Eyebrow

I'm letting my eyebrows grow. I've had a bald patch in one of them for ages now (years even maybe) - its not that I've plucked them to death but there was once a long stray eyebrow hair that pointed the wrong direction and in fear of getting grandad's overgrown hairy catapillars I plucked it out. Shockingly it left a gap. So I'm not letting myself pluck at all until the gap is grown over. I'm quite pleased with myself because I'm going about looking not quite as kempt as ususal. The gap is closing. Slowly. I'm even coping the the stray hair pointing the wrong direction. Its best not to look at myself in the mirror with my glasses on!

I love eyebrows. I can fall in love with someone just for them.

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