Monday, 1 March 2004

Monday Night Art Class

Was cancelled when the tutor had to go to her father's sick bed suddenly. We discovered this over tea in Candid Cafe. Candlelight and tea after work, a softly lit atmosphere with latin jazz music playing quietly in the background.

We met up with some other classmates for a quick drink which lasted 3 hours. First dicussion centred on the merits of smoke rings - a skill thats only worth is showing off (according to 3 smokers unable to blow rings) - you wouldn't after all want to surround your lover in a ring of smoke as a way to prove your love, and its a skill seen as cool by nerds who like to play nintendo and listen to rock music. So amongst them they decided they were pointless. Me thinks they collude in shrinking the wow-factor because none of them can do it.

Much discussion about Damien Hurst's merits as an artist. My view is in opposition to the others because I'm not keen. Discussion gets overly loud. I get a headache. Its nice to discuss art but I wish I had been home an hour ago.

Just miss the bus as we step out of the pub door. Walked up the street with HS to catch a 73. Its freezing and the streets were unusually empty. Sparkling icy air. When the bus came we sat sinking into the comfortable seat. Trundling along unable to talk. And then the bus kind of died. Flat. No power. Luckily at a bus stop. We waited, looking out of the back window, the for the next service to come along. All the passengers piled on.

I was glad to get away from the elderly irish gentleman telling the Manager from Virgin Trains about how the routemaster was a symbol of London - ask your mother about them in the war - she'll tell you how they helped the effort. Over and over again. Virgin Trains Manager was showing the design of her uniform blouse to a letcherous man sat next to her who welcomed the opportunity to look at her chest.

Really wish I could switch off my brain sometimes - its hurting to process all the information today, like my eyes need to stop looking at everything, just for a moment so my brain can rest.

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