Monday, 30 July 2007

A short play about filing, or laughing

Set: Bibliographic Services Department, open plan office.

An envelope with hand-written address is lying on the floor by the bin. It has a strip of celotape along its length, with loose ends that have stuck and got crumpled up.

EW: Is that yours, Harriet?
Harriet: er, yes
EW, concerned: What is it, a letter?
H: Yes, (joking) I was just filing it there
EW: Really??
H picks up the envelope, opens it, shows the contents: Its empty!
EW: laughs
H: I find the floor is a good place for filing papers
MA: yes me too, but I don't normally celotape them down
H: Oh I think sticking them down is really effective - you can vaccum round and they don't move out of place [laughing]
Harriet's mobile phone rings and is answered during the last sentence.
Boyfiend: Who are laughing with, girl?
H whispering: its the library staff [laughing uncontrollably] there's this letter... stuck to the floor...filing....
B, annoyed: I can't understand what you're telling me...
H: but but....its a letter with celoptape....[weeping with laughter]
B: call me back when you get control of yourself. Click.

Perhaps you had to be there.

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