Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Ceramics Summer School

I've been at ceramics summer school for the last two days. It completes on friday week when, fingers crossed for fine weather, we will be firing them in the raku kiln. Its great to go to an arts class for two solid days. Helps you to actually get through quite a lot more than 4 weeks of regular class.

I tried to use a variety of clays (porcelain, stoneware and delta - a slightly pinkish clay). These are strenghtened by addition of grog or in the case of porcelain I put in malacite sand - this helps the clay deal with the thermal shock it will go through during the raku firing process. I also tried to make different shapes. Limited to 30cms high. Between now and next friday they have to be biscuit fired ready for glazing before being raku fired.

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