Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Angry flip flops

From the other end of the platform I become aware of an aggressive sounding slap of plastic shoe against foot as a woman storms up towards the train indicator with determination. Angry flip flops I think. How can it be possible to tell the anger from the sound? I glance at her, her face is contorted by a frown. Angry.

The train approaches, we get on. I read the paper - its full of David no-policies Cameron. My inner ticker-tape (I'm on a management course - its full of lingo, I'm studying resilience, hearing your inner ticker-tape is the path to improving your resilience - am I sounding indoctrinated yet?) is thinking about what makes me frustrated and angry. I don't think it usually manifests itself in my shoes.

Get off the train at Moorgate. Angry flip flops are already slapping loudly along the platform towards the escalator. I follow them down to the Northern Line. Is four minutes to the next train. Suddenly they become quiet flip flops as the woman slows down.

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