Saturday, 7 July 2007

Blink and you miss it

A week has gone by. I've not had time to construct a post. Last weekend I had to travel up to Coventry for a training course that took up all of Monday and Tuesday. Fast forward to senior management (trying to decide if this is the way forward or not really). Lots of tests and discussions and posturing for position and trying to figure out who's useful or most like selves. Sometimes these things can be a nightmare. Its like my first MA class - people do a lot to present themselves as they want to be viewed. Takes a bit of time to get beyond that to the real them. It rained all the time in Coventry. I ended up with terrible cabin fever and eventually had to walk around the pond in the rain (and have subsequently developed a good old cough!).

Back from Coventry there were maternity leaving parties (not exactly a baby-shower, since we didn't individually bring gifts) and tender openings that took up muchos time.

Ceramics class came to and end - a year down. A YEAR. Can't believe it.

I went there with the intension of making a bird bath. Finally on the last week I think I may know what I want it to look like - the test piece came out much better than I expected after I glazed it. So I'll have to go back next autumn to actually make it!

Today I'm mostly cutting the grass and thinking that lavender looks very nice with coriander (I let it flower, I know you're not supposed to, but its lovely like that - I think I might grow it in the beds next year).

Next door's dog is whining pitifully because he is lonely. The people in the house next to him are rowing. Their neighbours are playing reggae music. The blackbirds must have babies - they are collecting bits out of the bushes and worms. I'm suddenly feeling a bit suburban. Tottenham isn't as edgy as you might think!

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