Wednesday, 12 April 2006


Today was the day, we met at Tottenham Hale station in time to catch a 5.45 train to Stansted Airport. Before the crack of dawn. Very unsociable hours. Flight with Czech Airlines, a basketball team flying in the rows behind us - big boys, long legs, fidgety, very keen on the blond air hostesses (who we didn't think were anything special but for adolescents they were obviously the height of class). Arrived in Prague to find Bails' suitcase damaged beyond repair - one wheel torn off causing the body to crack. Caught a 119 bus to the Metro and a tube to Museum. Found our hotel and decided we needed lunch and short stroll.

Ate at the Cafe Tulip where a languine pale faced waiter with long ponytail hung behind the bar. Everyone in the joint was in possession of a Time Out Guide to Prague. We tried to hide ours. The girls both had beers with big heads on them. Big creamy heads (so Bails said).

Our short stroll turned out to be rather long for people who had only had 4 hours sleep but we saw great buildings and fab river views. Passing over the Charles Bridge stopped briefly to watch a jazz band (Bails said she liked the one on the end playing the CD case).

One particular statue has a queue of people waiting to touch some gold paint - it was only on relaying this observation to the girls that I realised actually it wasn't gold paint at all but rather so many fingers had touched the statue that the patina had worn off.

I decided to end the day with a glass of Absinthe - always wanting to test local stuff and all. Frightful stuff I have discovered, quite nice the way it warms your oesophogus but tastes like medicine. I'm wondering whether the red one will taste any different. Hummm.

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