Wednesday, 5 April 2006

Brain Overload

Its hard being a grown up. Even without dependents. I'm knackered from constantly having stuff on my mind. If its not work shit, its MA essays, if not that then its job applications, if not the applications then the prep for interviews. Persistently having stuff to do.

I'm sitting outside a cafe on a quiet side road, with a hot chocolate and an amaretto biscuit, the sun warming the side of my face. The sky blue. Blossom trees coming into bloom.

More of this is needed. I've ignored the urge to buy a paper that my eyes would devour with ferocity. I need to rest my brain. No input needed. It would be great to have one of those exceedingly dull 70s Sundays that dragged forever.

I'd like to take small steps. Not be in a rush. Sleep til I wake up naturally. Look at the scenery. Be free of deadlines and pressure. Read a novel whose words paint a picture in my head that needs no additional interpretation.

Needing a holiday perhaps. Lucky I'm going to Prague next week.

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