Friday, 14 April 2006

Of Suitcases and Airlines

So the day of reckoning was upon us, today was the day we find out what Czech Airlines made of Bail's case that came out of the hold with a wheel torn off and the body cracked. They said they would first attempt repair and only if unable to replace.

Al and I had a running commentary the last couple of days of possible repair scenarios - I thought duck tape round inside and out, Al thought an additional wheel, most likely mismatched, I thought perhaps they'd search around inside the plane for the missing wheel, Al thought perhaps they could seal the crack with some kind of car fixing kit. Bails kept saying they'd replace it like for like.

Today after walking about in the rain we came back in and lo! they had replaced it like for like. Personally I'm a little disappointed they hadn't tried to fix it, just for the possible look on Bails' face. Very good service I'd say!

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