Friday, 14 April 2006

Gargoyles, Drinking and Easter

To the castle and make it snappy. Black stone buildings. Long long queue to get in. Walked around the outside looking at the gargoyles who were sticking their tongues out and retching off the side of the building. Tourist throng.

The girls started the day with complimentary champagne for breakfast, were drinking amoretto coffee for 11ses, beer for lunch in the cafe with sheepskin chair covers. We sat outside at every meal which is pretty silly when one of our party hasn't brought a coat (Bails and I are getting in trouble for teasing Al, huddling into our winter coats whilst sitting under gas heaters).

Sat in the Old Town Square watching a strange disco dancing showcase and looking at an easter tree decorated with coloured eggs.

I didn't manage to drink any more absinth after yesterday but feel that I must have had some of the more disgusting stuff. Don't know whether I'll be brave enough to see if any other sort is more palatable.

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