Sunday, 16 April 2006

Dusk Til Dawn

Red, books, tealights, a lack of vampires. On the first day between us we had a martini, an old fashioned, daquiari floridita, salty margarita, and a brandy alexander. At 1.00am we ate strawberries with chocolate fondue. On the second day we had 2 margaritas, a dry martini, a martini expresso, midnight expresso martini, truffultini, mojito (best drink of them all), vodka coke, brandy alexander and a bloody mary.

Two of us embarrassed the other by singing along to Louis Prima, Bee Gees (Bails' mum has much to answer for - a back catalogue of many suprising records imprinted on Bails' mind), and other old time faves. A woman on the other side of the room smoked a big fat cigar, rolling it expertly in her hand, puffing on it intermittently as her partner watched. The barman stood outside and tried to entice customers in. Closer to midnight the bar filled up. It still wasn't living up to the Titty Twister image but it was nice all the same.

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