Monday, 24 April 2006

3 years ago today...

I first clicked publish and sent words into the ether. Petrifying. However I have since got used to it. Also discovered a previously unknown massive virtual community. Still not quite used to the constantly changing, developing nature of this community - globular, expanding but with imploding parts. As some blogs puff out their chests and become massive, others trundle along slowly picking up steam (like this blog), others remain virtually undiscovered, and some just stop - for a variety of reasons - their footprint left or deleted entirely only to live on in the memories of those who read them. I still miss those who I once read regularly who have now stopped. Especially those who I met in the real world. I've found it harder to form bonds with those who have come after because I fear they will pull the rug out from under me and vanish as well. But perhaps thats because of the expanding nature of the blogosphere - its become easier to be anonymous because we're dealing with a global city rather than village pockets. I have a sense that there are more readers who are not bloggers than there used to be. No longer an underground activity, much more in the public conscious.

So anyway, happy blogday to me. I'm not bored yet - even if you are!

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