Tuesday, 13 January 2004

Texas Teenage Virgins

Bible-belt pastors and the evangelical church should not be allowed to sway judgements about sex education because:

  • They liken purity of the body to being a new toothbrush

  • They make young people afraid of sex

  • They tell them lies about contraception, disease and feelings

  • They talk about male and female sexual arousal with metaphors such as the microwave vs the slow cooker - and yes we ladies get to be the super sexy slow cooker. Isn't this rather too much of a male myth?

  • Despite all the young people taking purity pledges and all sex education in schools and churches teaching abstinance as the only path, Lubbock has some of the highest STD and teenage pregnacy rates in america (are we suprised?)

  • They believe that the loudest voice tells the greatest truth

Knowledge is power.
Sex is natural.
Pity the poor Texas teenagers.

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