Monday, 5 January 2004

Monday's Life Class

Its been two weeks. We were told on the last class that it would be two weeks until we were back. I stood outside for an age thinking about the Observer article 21 Ways to be Better in 2004. No. 20 was Learn to Draw. "Life drawing has apparently become very fashionable indeed, even getting a mention from Vogue the hot things to do in 2004." I was so engrossed in my thoughts about what a trend setter and style icon (as if) I am that I didn't even realise until 19.10 that nobody else had turned up and the room was still not open.

So instead I had an achingly slow journey home on the 341 bus along Essex Road. It was full (the road not the bus - just for clarification) of 12th Night christmas trees littering the road - dried out, unadorned, abandoned.

Sadly I was sitting next to one of those women who feel their bag deserves a space on the seat next to them. She kept clearing her throat. And when her phone croaked (very odd frog ringtone going on, most disconcerting) she had a conversation with someone in a tone that told them she was tired of it before she started, all unentusiastic and tetchy.

Its my worst time of year - the long drawn out dark months before spring. Wet, dreary. All lost glitz, empty pubs and nowhere to wear your christmas clothes to.

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