Sunday, 25 January 2004

Party Games

Tonight we went to a house party where everyone seemed younger and drunker than us and we sat in the chill-out room and played that game where you draw parts of the body without looking at the previous bit - first draws a head, folds it over, next draws the body, folds it over, next draws the legs, folds it over, last draws the feet. We thought this was suiting because we first met the host of the party at lifedrawing classes.

Then we progressed onto group poetry but we weren't as good at that (we wrote terrible verse together - partly because we hadn't discussed the type of poetry we were going to write and some of us wrote rhyming and others wrote free-verse).

The filthy little tart,
woke up with a start,
great frog pounced from the river's long tongue and gleaming eyes,
then mice danced on cheese by candlelight.

They danced liked crazy tigers
prowled the streets
people fled, and sped along to catch up on Zed,
Snow was falling

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