Wednesday, 7 January 2004

Great Things Happen No. 1

I have a scarf, its not particularly beautiful - just soft wool, long and wide. I use it everyday and it comes in very useful for instance when its cold in a room - like a shawl. When I first got to olympia today (and olympia is huge) I sat down to plan my course of action - what way round the exhibition. I left my scarf on the cafe table. I didn't realise this until about 3 hours later. When I realised it I had that kind of flashback thing where you remember all the useful things about the item, how you've used it, when, moments that have given it sentimental value. And then because it is quite old I thought I wouldn't be able to get one like it again. And then I thought about where I might have left it. I had been everywhere, all over. But when I finally realised the most likely place to have left it was the cafe I made my way back there and they had it. Phew what a relief!

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