Friday, 15 October 2004

Walk on Kinshaldy Beach

A fog hung over the River Tay halfway across the Tay Bridge. The sun was weak in the sky but bright. Sand sea and misty air bounced sun glare around. Jets boomed across the sky, loud but not always visible. Waves broke high on the beach dragging sand back across obstacles, leaving a wake behind all objects strewn by the receeding water. Sand was wet from the tide being higher already and our feet sunk into it leaving deep tracks. We followed occasional footsteps, people, dogs and birds, leaving behind our own for others to follow. The sun in our faces was welcome, the view across towards the blue hills and on and on beyond what is possible to see in everyday life, the smell of clean fresh air filled our lungs. Joy of days away. And that sudden descent of tiredness from salty sea air. Walking back along the forest path eating the few last remaining blackberries from passed brambles, heavenly melting black juicy sweet morsels. And finally standing in the stripy forest, tall pines, sun streaking through. Driving back along the lane through trees with leaves thin enough to dapple light in glorious green and yellow. Back to a mug of hot chocolate and a scone.

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