Friday, 8 October 2004

Star Buck

He lives in Balham, has studied music and works only four days a week to give himself time to himself. He used to work in Sainsbury's in Balham but clearly is now working in Starbucks just off Oxford Street near St Christophers Place. He's using this time working in prime downtown to make contacts with local workers, preferably in shops, who can benefit him with their staff discounts (in exchange for his charm and extra wide smile). I have learned all this about him by earwigging his chat with a young man who popped in for a latte and recognised the server from his days in Sainsbury's in Balham. They both live in Balham, our man lives on some road near a garage (petrol station).

"I've got one in HMV, a store manager, and remember that cute japanese girl with glasses? She works in Gap, and now this guy works in Footlocker. Shame I don't shop in Footlocker. Probably haven't been in there since I was 12 years old! All I really need now is a contact in H&M. Cos I spend half my wages in there."

He then disappears down a staff-only private doorway and turns up the music. Comes back does a little dance move and gets back behind the counter.

His serving buddy shakes his head in a you-stress-me-out kinda way, shoots him a withering look and goes back into the private doorway to turn the music down again - Starbucks rules - someone's gotta keep to them.

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