Thursday, 14 October 2004

All day on the train

Kings Cross Station
Cows in a field - park with cycle track - misty valley - ear popping tunnel - horse and rider - rookery - pylons - flock of birds sitting on telephone cables - white horse & brown horse heads entwined like lovers.

Wetlands reeds and geese - Melbeau beauty - big sky little house on a hill - pleasure vessels on a waterway - flat farmland interspersed with woods - ploughed field - straw bales seagulls.

"..few minutes late into Peterborough due to engineering work between Huntingdon and Peterborough. We hope this doesn't inconvenience your journey today.."

Dark red brick town tall spire clock tower - hazy day bright sky no sun - stripy fields - crab apples by the side of the track - C.R.O.P.W.I.S.E at Newark Northgate - 3 teenage boys sit in the station waiting for a different train.

Two elderly ladies in blue sweaters struggle to open their kitkat cubes packets. "...we are experiencing lots of red signals in the Newark area.."

Chimney spews out white smoke - wood yard - 5 big chimneys of a powerstation in the distance over the flat farmland - bird of prey soars - brown, green, gold (layers of fields) - into cutting high hedges on either side - sun catches a field of long grass, lightness shines through and brightens the green - woods of silver birch white trunks, peeling bark - water tower.

Doncaster St Georges gothic small and lovely - cemetery through trees past paddock with an auburn horse - level crossing - blue tractor ploughing - mossy roofs on the way into York - Victorian ironwork station - glimpse of York Minster with big tower and double turrets in blond stone - clouds darken laiden with rain - distant hills - rolling farmland - horses grazing in jackets - sheep. sheep with big blue dots on their rumps. white sheep with black faces - terraced houses allotments - leaves in the woods change with autumn - steep street group of young people walk down - fancy building of stone with green dome - Durham Station - red leafed trees - garden centre - sun rays - fisherman at a pond - red houses back to back terrace - River Tyne - Newcastle, blinking eye bridge, tyne bridge - St Nicholas Cathedral grey stone arched spire and gold weather vanes.

Flock of gulls stand in brown field - river in a valley edged by trees - a deer alone in a field - the ocean, a town on a peninsula, a row of houses painted green, blue, pink and cream - trees line the horizon - ruin of a house, stone surrounds and gable ends, no roof - blue sky breaking - smoke rises slowly off a burning field, drifts across surrounding land - free-range chicken farm - static dunes with coarse grasses, slate grey sea crashing into the beach, hazy horizon between sea and sky - high stone railway bridge with arches - orange roofed houses - tiny house on an island in the middle of a river - ruins on the cliff face - dry stone wall snaking down the hillside - rich red soil - rock outcrops - fast running brook forest behind a dry stone wall - late afternoon autumn sunshine hangs low in the sky - white geometric power station on the side of the ocean, dark blue ocean, pale yellow fields of cut wheat - quarry scar on the landscape - football team warms up, men in a line, press-ups then jogging with high knees almost synchronised blue jerseys and red socks - Thistly Cross Roundabout road sign.

Stone built city big hills behind with heather and fir trees - Edinburgh Waverly station - lady with a green Fenwick's hat box - turrets of Edinburgh, green domes, castle, mossy cliffs with ruins at the bottom - stepped gable ends like children's castles - football stadium - Jenners depository - Scottish castle (house with turrets) - wind sock, airport, small plane on the landing strip - Forth Bridge, river current swirling - cemetery tiered up a hill - car scrap yard, cars crushed and piled high - blue water dark blue hills one patch of brightly lit water where the sun hits before dropping behind a hill - brown new build estate huddling in a valley - smugglers inn hotel - huge derelict warehouses - mole hills in a golf course - tree felling in a managed forest - sweeping valley high on both sides patchwork fields between - way in the distance the sun hits the tops of the hills for the last time this evening - big country house looking out over a valley - stone bridge over a stream - house with a walled garden - red haired woman whose hair shows the kink of yesterday's ponytail alights at Lucas Leuchars - 4 men play golf - fighter jet launches into the sky visible speed - swans on a glassy pond - bridge over the river tay.

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