Tuesday, 26 October 2004

Tube People Individuals

A very long time ago I began a couple of pieces of writing - one was called Tube People Stereotypes, the other was called Tube People Individuals. Tube People Stereotypes had many entries, Tube People Individuals however only had one. Today I found another.

Red head. Long Plait curled up into a top knot with a black jet clasp holding back the fringe. Two long curls descend from beside her ears onto her ample bussom. A ruffled shirt and a long string chain interspersed with beads. Fishnet stockings and long-pointy-toed shoes. She is reading Digital Fortress by Dan Brown through rectangle clear-plastic-framed specs. Full makeup bluey grey eyeshadow and thick black eyelashes, red lips. Now this is the 21st century personification of Toulouse Lautrec's brothel darlings (and I only recently wrote about them - she is this post, or at least she could be!).

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