Saturday, 20 March 2004


Its been a really long week, however Friday was spent in a conference rooms in the Art House in Britannia Row doing some strategic planning. We then went off to a bowling alley in Finsbury Park and had a couple of hours bowling. Fun? It was hilarious. And suprisingly I got the second highest score of the evening. I was very proud. Especially cos I didn't start very well. And then I was on a roll and challenged one of my colleagues to a race on one of those car racing games, and I beat him. Failed miserably at a round of killer pool (can't play pool to save my life - I blame a considerably non-ill spent youth). Now that I'm home I think I bowled too much (I've got RSI in my hip from standing on it while swinging the other leg out to the side behind!).

Most upset at seeing the last ever episode of SITC. Will friday night TV be the same again? Not for some time. And Mr Big's name is never really...

My sister has a theory about Johns. You know you're with the right man in our family if you've found your John (she did it, our mother did it, as did one of her sisters and a sister-in-law, so did a cousin, mine's middle name is Jonathan). There could be something in it.

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