Saturday, 20 March 2004

We Love Borough Market

We went by just for a look but within a minute of arriving we were shopping for a dinner feast.

Lettuce that comes whole, strong and fresh. Tomatoes on-the-vine that look red, ripe and taste divine (unlike the ones from supermarkets plumped with water and tasteless), olive oil nutty and peppery tasted before purchase and in reusable glass bottles that will get you a pound discount next time, yoghurt and wine.

Although I've been a vegetarian for 16 years I was also fascinated with the meat - cut from the bone, red and healthy looking not wrapped in cellophane and almost unidentifiable as animal. Honest food, cleanly raised.

We ate roasted garlic and onions on bread. Rocket and Parmesan salad. Feta, tomato, pepper and leaves salad. Olives marinated in garlic and coriander. Drank Pino Grigio which was pale and apply.

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