Saturday, 13 March 2004

Phils Dinner Party

They were playing a compilation CD during dinner called Organs in Orbit from a series called the Ultra Lounge. The images in my head were:

1950s housewife grinning, lemon yellow dress with huge skirt doing vacuuming in stillettos. Poodles. Girls in bobby socks. Bungalows in small town america painted pastel colours with carports outside.

Men in dark zoot suits with greased back hair and open necked white shirts.

Turquoise cars at the seaside. Old people in deck chairs or taking a spin on the ballroom floor of the pier with glitter ball lights going round the room at 2pm in the afternoon.

1930s Egyptian-themed magic show where girls dressed as Cleopatra are sawn in half, disappeared and folded into boxes.

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