Sunday, 2 September 2007

Weekend Drivers

I don't normally go on the tube at the weekend - preferring to travel above ground where things can be seen and to avoid the tube travelling equivalent of the Sunday driver - walking too slowly, not knowing the way and my resulting frustration with the pace and tripping over people. Today things had to be done. Faster the better.

It was all going down in Seven Sisters. They were playing reggae music and having a cookout opposite Tescos. Two preachers were urging us to let Jesus into our lives and join them for services at Universal Church of God on Sunday. A couple of eastern bloc alchies were heckling. There weren't the usual Jehova's Witnesses selling the Watchtower at the station.

Four female students had been on a morning shopping trip to IKEA. Between them they had 5 blue bags loaded with stuff and a full length mirror. Getting ready for the new term living in halls presumably.

A big beardy man got on with his new bean bag. He plomped it by the ventilation window and leaned against it. His japanese girlfriend leaned into him. He put his arm over her shoulder and almost rested his hand on her left breast. And then didn't.

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