Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Tube Strike

So began the first rush hour affected. Victoria line not running I got on a bus crowded to its normal capacity and caught the train at Bruce Grove. Expecting it to be packed, it actually was probably as normal. Perhaps being a bit closer to the end of the line means less reliance on the underground or something. Not like living near Green Lanes, when strikes happened the whole road was filled with people trying to get onto buses already jammed full like cattle trucks. Suprised at how comfortable and easy the journey was being, until I came out at Liverpool Street. The frantic rush led up the escalator and across the road to the bus stop. Probably 10 people deep waiting for the next bus, primed for the start, that would be marked by doors opening, leaping forward make room through jostling, crushing on in a desperate attempt to get to work. Went to the stop prior to that one. Fewer people but still a build up would happen. Buses would come, they would get on. Then the build up would happen again. Arriving at 9.10 I eventually got a bus at 9.55. It wasn't because I couldn't get on. It was because th 78 didn't actually come in all that time. You'd think that during a tube strike they could at least get the buses to run on schedule. what a drag.

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