Monday, 10 September 2007

Drunk view of the world

A very drunk man hangs between two poles in the aisle of the bus, finally he manages to swing himself into the empty seat next to mine. He smells yeasty. I look out the window. He digs in his bag and fishes out his almost-empty bottle of evian. He shakes it vigorously. Twice. Then opens it and swigs it down. He turns to me and asks me where've I been. His voice is softly irish, he smiles. Happy drunk. "I've been at work". He mishears me - he thinks I say I've been everywhere. "No, at work", I say, and change the subject, "where are you coming from?" "Oh I've been everywhere", he says. "I'm off at this stop, come off with me I'll show you". Nah thanks, I'm going home. A bit teenage can't be bothered really. Still its been a while since I was offered off the bus by a boy.

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