Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Shaggy Dog Story

Two pugs and a jack russell run round excitedly as the owners stand and chat. They run up to a big tree. Jack russell stops to cock his leg and mark it. Pugs run round and round. All three run back to their owners. Jack russell's owner pats the black pug on the head. With this encouragement she jumps up and down on her hind legs excitedly, then jumps up and down with her pug friend, then Jack joins in.

They're like children racing, jumping, away from the parents, towards the parents, round the tree. I can almost hear them shouting, "you're it!".

And then Jack gets really excited and mounts the black pug, who's owner rushes over to seperate them, so he turns his attention to the blond pug. Not quite like children after all. Much seperation follows. Final straw when the black pug and Jack shag by the path out of reach of the owners in front of passing strollers. Jack snatched up and marched out of the park in disgrace (back to being like children then).

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