Tuesday, 20 March 2007


Free from a meeting back into the street I look up at the snow flying horizontally across a steel grey sky. Strangely it isn't falling on me. Where I am the sun shines and makes a rainbow against the snow. And then bam the first icy flakes hit me in the face. And then more and heavy rain drops pummel down on my head.

Later. Much later I stand on platform 2, raised as it is above the street, listening to heavy drops dripping from the gutter onto a flat roof below. I stare into the huge pale yellow sun hanging low in the sky as dusk gathers. Relishing the blue spots when I look away.

I'm thinking about the beggar I just gave a measly amount of spare change to (some coppers and two silver coins). He told me its his birthday tomorrow. He'll be 36. He's younger than I am but looks about 45. Glad I'm not him. Its cold to be living on the street.

First day of spring tomorrow.

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