Monday, 12 March 2007

Assessment Test

I have been assaulted with a battery of tests today. Competing with the best of the rest of the Council for an obviously coveted place on a leadership course. We've had individual interviews for an hour and a half, taken a raven's test for an hour, and pretended we were a special projects officer in the second week of work having to deal with a written crisis (hour long exercise), prepare for and meet with an angry councillor (played by a pretty convincing actor) and write a presentation which I delivered to the woman who used to be in the RAF jumping out of planes.

They asked us as we left if we had fun. Personally I felt not. I was stressed. Anxious. It was like having the worst day at work, not knowing what you're supposed to be doing, not knowing the subject properly and being made to take the blame. Not sure its really an accurate depiction of the role of a leader, but then again I may be mistaken, being as I'm not one at present. At least there wasn't an Alan Sugar moment where we were hauled in and told you're fired.

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